Children arrive and are taken to their class by their parents.  This is important time of interaction between teachers and parents.  Children get busy with drawing, construction toys and other perceptual activities till 8am.  At 8am the children go have a run around outdoors where they are supervised by two teachers at all times.  Children go back into class at 8.30 where they have the morning greeting ring and language lesson which includes learning the days of the week and counting.


We move into a creative and movement lesson (theme related) after which time the children have snack.  After snack it is outside time.  After outside time the children come into class and have a perception lesson (theme related).  The children will then be read a story before lunch time.

Once lunch time is over the half day children are collected and the full day children have sleep time.  After sleep time the children are given a snack and juice and then taken outside to have free play time with two teachers on duty.  The teachers have side / outside activities which the children will take part in until they go home.